thepro® DämmDichtSystem (sealing system)

The requirements put on modern buildings in Germany must meet the highest demands. Even if it has been customary to put only the lowest demands on the heat insulation of basements up until a few years ago, most likely no more buildings without full heat insulation for the basements will be built in the years to come.

In order to meet the growing demands in the future as well, the company Wolf – the first worldwide – has created a product comprising sealing and heat insulation.

                                       The thepro® DämmDichtSystem

In order to also improve proceedings at the construction site at the same time, we have developed solutions for all details and put them together in a complete new construction system.
thepro® DämmDichtSystem can also be used in combination with pre-cast concrete elements. Since this technology is not yet as widely used in the international field as it is in Germany, we kindly request that you visit our website (in German only) or contact us directly if you are interested in our products.

Due to the high transportation costs of thepro® elements, worldwide shipping is uneconomical for logistical reasons. The use of this new procedure in other countries depends on us finding interested partners.

If this has aroused your interest, please contact Mr Wolf directly. He will be happy to discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you as well as determine the efforts required to implement the thepro® system in your country.