The waterproof concrete basement in the Wolf system

Without additional sealing measures on the outside of base plates and surrounding walls, we create watertight buildings in the soil. Mostly waterproof concrete basements are used particularly in the fight against accumulating water in Germany by now.
In Germany, this procedure has been used successfully for more than 50 years. By now, nearly 70 % of all basements are designed with the “white tub“ system as it is called in Germany.

In Germany, conventional sealing of buildings with bituminous sheets has been almost completely replaced by waterproof concrete basements.

A WU guideline was created in accordance with the German standard. It regulates all matters in connection with waterproof concrete basements. On the basis of this guideline, architects can thus plan and tender waterproof concrete basements according to regulations. We will also gladly support our customers in drawing up the tender documents.

System description

Components made of waterproof concrete are also called “white tub”.
The concrete is taking on a supporting as well as sealing role for these structures.

An additional subsequent sealing is not necessary. Waterproof concrete basements for instance prevent the ingress of ground water in basements, subterranean garages and tunnels and e.g. make the leaking of liquids from containers and swimming pools impossible.

The standard components of a waterproof concrete basement:

  • Base plate d ≥ 25 cm
  • Exterior walls d ≥ 24 cm
  • Ceiling plate d ≥ 25 cm

The following things must be paid special attention to in the waterproof design of these components:Production of waterproof concrete
  • Production of water pressure-tight joints and penetrations
  • Avoidance of water-permeable cracks
To achieve these basics, our engineers closely cooperate with architects, structural engineers, the executing building companies and the responsible concrete suppliers during the preliminary planning already.

The concrete technology requirements are coordinated with the scheduled construction sequence and included in the design plans.Joint design
  • Concrete composition
  • Crack-distributing reinforcement
  • Water pressure-tight built-in parts
Even though waterproof concrete basements have been well established in Germany for 50 years, they are unknown in other countries for the most part.
We will be happy to support interested planners worldwide in the introduction of this technology. Our team of specialised engineers will advise and support you on site, if necessary. Wolfseal products solve all details and ensure the safe realisation of your plans.
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